Cairngorms Women Contributions


I live in the Braes of Glenlivet.

Sprint to autumn

Grantown on Spey


Flora and fauna

Awed by the size and openness of the terrain

Walking down to the shelter stone  and looking down Loch A-an

The peace and quiet.

Coming across a family of adders basking in the sun. mist coming down on Ben macdhui compass got us to safety.

Never on my own. Group of 12-14 yr olds youth club or with friends and family.

12.i do not think walking on your own, ill equipped and inexperienced is sensible. A mobile phone is a yes. Winter climbing and walking is only for the experienced. If you have an accident it could someone/ rescuers life in danger

Have and urge to photograph the unusual rock formations, plants etc.

Camped out. Used the bothys

Spring is the time when flora and forna are waking and the urge is to be outside.

Pleasure and urge to learn about ones surroundings.

Sensing the mountain:

When Ben macdhui was shrouded in mist.

The peace and quiet, even with other people.

To move quietly  and look around for plants and stones etc.

Sight and hearing

Feeling tired but still going around the next bend