Cairngorms Women Contributions


I Live here

No family History

Walk All year round, but spring and summer are my favourite times. Walking, running, cycling and cross country skiing

I work as Land Management Officer at the Cairngorms National Park Authority.

Not exactly, but likely a munro bagging trip in Deeside with the Aberdeen Mountaineering Club

Loch Etchachan

It is a lovely lochan with dramatic cliffs, and you feel you are in the centre of the Cairngorms and quite remote.

Standing on windy ridge in winter with both ptarmigan and snow buntings within a few metres of us.

Getting quite lost and panicky in mist, again winter conditions, bumbling around until I got a window through the mist and saw Shelter stone crag, unmistakeable but not where I thought it should be! I then navigated my way down for 10 mins or so, got to the edge of the corries, the mist cleared, there were lots of walkers and climbers in sight and it was a completely different world!

A camping trip one August when we had a lovely night in acoire below Cairntoul, but ended up almost running out the next day because the clegs were so bad.

On my own, with family or with friends.

(Mother): Less time to be in the hills.

Nice to take kids up there to experience it, and great when things are going well, but also more awareness of what can go wrong. Even though my children are now teenagers I would not take them up in bad conditions or proper winter conditions.

Almost exclusively when alone, walking or running.

Views, changing light and colour of the landscape. Smells, eg of wet peat and stones, heather in bloom, moss, occasionally deer (a strong smell!), and in snowy conditions a lack of smells.


All the extremes of being hot, cold, tired, hungry but also relaxed, pleasantly exercised, and alive.

Being up high when it’s dusk, and coming off the hill feeling like you are the last one up there.

Work and play are very different! I think you need a certain amount of skill and practical knowledge, but the more you are in the hills the more you make judgements and decisions intuitively.

Camped out a few times overnight. It leads to much deeper experience of the mountains

A good winter day is exhilarating but because its cold you tend to keep going and not stop to take things in as often. On a long summer day you are more relaxed, less rushed and tend to linger more and look around.

Hard to put into words, but its something that is totally addictive and I would hate to live without.